Coding by Andrew

Today we learned a very cool thing thanks to Codeacademy. Today we learned how to code and insert an HTML. It was very interesting to learn the basics of creating an internet website


Learning How To Code- Ryan

Today in class, we used a very intuitive webiste, codeacademy, to help us learn about what goes on behind the scenes as computers code for webpages, images, and more. Although somewhat confusing at times, it was interesting seeing how computers really work and i hope to do it again.

How to Code

Today in class we went on this really cool website! It’s called “CodeAcademy.” It is an interactive HTML input system that teaches you how to code step-by-step. The best part is, it’s free! The lesson are comprehensible and really teach me a lot about coding. 

Making Money on Twitter! By Andrew

Hampton, along with his business partner Ryan Detert, runs California-based Influencial media group, a company that specialises in providing clients with various social media strategies for one social network: Twitter. While the company counts over 30 million followers from the accounts that it owns and manages, Hampton personally oversees 24 Twitter accounts that have over 11.5 million followers in total. So basically, big companies pay this man to control their twitter accounts. This is a job that maybe a twitter frenzied teen-ager could simply do!

Video Conferencing by Kristin

Today, our Business Information Technology class video conferenced Mrs. Roe, a woman from a different school in the district. We talked about video conferencing. I learned:

Video conferencing is the transmission of sychronized video and audio between two or more physically seperate locations.

Industries that use video conferencing are education, government, financial, health care, consumer services, and the enertaiment industry.


Video Conferencing by Andrew

Listening to Mrs. Roe through a live video chat was very cool! I have had experiences with video chats already such as facetime but i never knew we could have a video conference with an entire class. I learned many knew things about Telacommunication such as our school bandwidth is 100 megabytes. I also learned that we are not allowed to stream music in school because that would use up our data and make our system very slow. Many big companies use video conferencing such as google. Even our government uses it for presidential meetings! In order to hold a video conference you must have a camera, a type of computer, an internet service and an IP adress of the other person. You can even hold a video conference with someone through an ipad!   Video conferencing is leading to a future of a very high tech era!

Video Conference w/ Mrs. Roe By Ryan

The video conference I attended today with my classmates was educational yet enjoyable. I learned a ton about how video conferencing works, including what the bandwidth of a network is, how big Cape District’s network is compared to to others, and more. Although several miles away, I got the experience of talking to Mrs. Roe as if we were in the same room. All in all, this was an innovative experience that hopefully becomes more than a one time thing, rather, a daily to weekly event that can help students in the classroom.

How Employees can use electronic communications in the work place :)

Employees now a’ days have the opportunity to use the web to enhance production and promote a positive attitude in the work place. Although unsafe at times, if employees can follow some simple guidelines/rules, they will be able to successfully use the technology to their advantage.
As kids may see today, many businesses promote their business through social media, online advertisements, and more. This has become very popular for most major businesses today. Employees in the work place should not be able to access social media UNLESS it is authorized by the business. The only real situation I could see where an employee would be authorized to do so was if they were actually responsible for promoting the website online. As well as social media, video conferencing can help make work more efficient. Employees may be at home, on the plane, or in another country, and that may not slow down productivity for the employee. Many times CEO’s may contact their employees through video conferencing if they cannot reach them any other way. Lastly, another way employees can communicate with others in the work place is obviously though email. The convenience of email over powers all other types of communication today, while still being safe and have the ability to be monitored by higher authorities in the business. This helps the employees communicate quickly, yet also has a lot of versatility. For example, workers can send emails with any type of file, such as a word document or PowerPoint.
All in all, electronic communication is almost a necessity in this present business world. It would be much slower to communicate and much less efficient if it was not available to us. There are many options to use; however, employees must be safe with what they use and how they use it, as it is monitored pretty heavily in the work place.