Our Study Guide



Ma Five Qeewestyawns. – Ryan T

1. What does WYSIWYG stand for?
A. It is the name of a computer
B. What you sing is what you grow
C. What you see is what you get
D. Where you see is where you go
2. What does www stand for?
A. World Wide Web
B. Wisiwig web
C. Why we weep
3. What does TCP Stand for?
A. Total Control Portal
B. Time Consuming Portal
C. Try Caution Portal
D. Transmission Control Protocol
4. What does URL stand for?
A. Uniform Resource Locator
B. Universal Resource Locator
C. Ultimate Red Light
D. Under Rampage Losers
5. What does SSL stand for?
A. Standard Sockets Lock
B. Secure Sockets Layer
C. Standard Sockets Layer
D. Secure Sockets Lock.

Today I made my own website…

I didn’t publish it on the world-wide web yet, but I did get it to format on the browser. There are two different ways I can make a webpage: 

1) Use HTML

2) Use Microsoft Office

When you Microsoft Office it is called WSYSIWYG or “What You See Is What You Get.”

With code, you never know what the page looks likes until you post it. 

Coding by Kristin Perkinson

Codeacademy is a website that gives lessons on coding. Codes are used to run computers. I learned shortcuts to certain things by using codes like how to open up a new box, getting today’s date, and seeing how many characters are in my email address.