Evernote and Nicenet

Evernote.com and Nicenet.org are sites that allow document sharing, link sharing, and “note” sharing. My favorite of the two is Nicenet because it is a nonprofit organization that “allows virtually any classroom, even those with modest resources, access to powerful tools” such as the one listed previously as well as conferencing and scheduling.  Image


Today I made my own website…

I didn’t publish it on the world-wide web yet, but I did get it to format on the browser. There are two different ways I can make a webpage: 

1) Use HTML

2) Use Microsoft Office

When you Microsoft Office it is called WSYSIWYG or “What You See Is What You Get.”

With code, you never know what the page looks likes until you post it. 

How to Code

Today in class we went on this really cool website! It’s called “CodeAcademy.” It is an interactive HTML input system that teaches you how to code step-by-step. The best part is, it’s free! The lesson are comprehensible and really teach me a lot about coding.