Search Engine Information by Andrew

List of Search Engines


List of ways to evaluate a web page By Andrew

-Can you easily see who the author is?

-Can you contact the author?

-What are the authors credentials?

-Can you verify the author’s crudentials?

-Can you easily find the date the document was written?

-Is the sponsor on the website reliable?

  • Look for the author’s name near the top or the bottom of the page. If you can’t find a name, look for a copyright credit (©) or link to an organization.
  • Look for biographical information or the author’s affiliations (university department, organization, corporate title, etc.).
  • Anyone who has visited a chat room knows that people don’t always identify themselves accurately.
  • Look for an email link, address, or phone number for the author. A responsible author should give you the means to contact him/her.


Coding by Andrew

Today we learned a very cool thing thanks to Codeacademy. Today we learned how to code and insert an HTML. It was very interesting to learn the basics of creating an internet website

Making Money on Twitter! By Andrew

Hampton, along with his business partner Ryan Detert, runs California-based Influencial media group, a company that specialises in providing clients with various social media strategies for one social network: Twitter. While the company counts over 30 million followers from the accounts that it owns and manages, Hampton personally oversees 24 Twitter accounts that have over 11.5 million followers in total. So basically, big companies pay this man to control their twitter accounts. This is a job that maybe a twitter frenzied teen-ager could simply do!

Video Conferencing by Andrew

Listening to Mrs. Roe through a live video chat was very cool! I have had experiences with video chats already such as facetime but i never knew we could have a video conference with an entire class. I learned many knew things about Telacommunication such as our school bandwidth is 100 megabytes. I also learned that we are not allowed to stream music in school because that would use up our data and make our system very slow. Many big companies use video conferencing such as google. Even our government uses it for presidential meetings! In order to hold a video conference you must have a camera, a type of computer, an internet service and an IP adress of the other person. You can even hold a video conference with someone through an ipad!   Video conferencing is leading to a future of a very high tech era!