Search Engines and Evaluating Sites

Boolean logic- A form of algebra in which all values are reduced to either true or false.

Directories- A file system that helps store computer files.

Indexes – Basically any type of list that is used to organize information.

Keywords – Words that try to reveal a purpose or theme. Teachers, when explaining a question on a test to their students, may tell them to highlight the key words of the question.

math symbols- Math Symbols are an essential part of any type of mathematics. They are the operation of what you are doing to the present numbers.

phrase searching – A type of specific search that allows you to search something and see if it contains an exact phrase.

Plagiarism- Stealing somebody’s work and using it as yours.

related search- a search that is somehow associated to another search.

search engine- Something you use to search anything over the internet.

wildcard character- A character that may be substituted for any certain character in telecommunication.

Libel- Statement that makes a claim. It is usually negative toward associations like the government and religions.

Copyright- An act to give the original author of certain work his/her rights proving that it is their work.

public domain- Intellectual property rights have expired and are now forfeited/inapplicable. (ex: Shakespeare)

trademark- A sign that identifies products, labels, or services to a certain source (usually a company


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