The Internet!

Andrew Grau- The internet is not what everyone imagines it to be. Many people think of the internet to be a cloud of  information waves traveling from computer to computer. Most people don’t even understand the concepts of how the internet works. The internet is actually more visual then you would believe. You can physically see it. The internet are cables that run all over across the country, and even in the ocean. The internet even travels in the sea from one continent to the next! The world wide web is the system that everyone uses to access the internet. The world wide web works by using the hypertext to access information available in a network.  HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web.

Ryan T.- After listening to Andrew Blum talk about his thoughts on the internet and what he discovered, it changed my perspective on what it really is. The cyber world is not what we may think it is. As we send email, post on social media, and interact with others, we are really just communicating through cable wires that run across the ocean and around the world. The internet, what we think of as an interactive world, is really just a bunch of wires running around us!!!</

Kristin Perkinson- Today we watched Andrew Blum, a spokesperson for TED, talk about what the internet actually is. We use the internet everyday to connect us to things such as social networks, email, and blogs. Many people think of the internet as a huge visual object. In reality, the internet is really a bunch of cables, in places all over the world-even the ocean, that connects us to networks.
The World Wide Web is the system we use to connect to the internet. It uses hypertext to access different forms of information available on the world’s different networks. Other systems can be used to access the internet but this is the most popular one used.

Coryn Cannon- The internet is a very cool thing. It allows people from all over the world to communicate in nanoseconds. I used to think the internet was in the air, because it seems so magical. However, the internet is a real tangible program. Although the internet is a fairly new invention, it has exploded in cultures all over the world. I am very lucky to have access to this incredible resource.


3 thoughts on “The Internet!

  1. Today in class, we learned about WSYIWG. We learned about what goes on “behind the scenes” when webistes are created. I realized how tedious html is. It is not necesarily a challenging task, rather, very detail oriented.

  2. Today in class we learned about making webpages. There is more than one way to make a webpage. We learned how to use codes to make webpages, and how to use WSYIWG. Using codes takes a long time, whereas using WSYIWG is very simple and not time-consuming.

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